Thursday, 23 August 2018

St John Ambulance Visit

Today some people from St John Ambulance came to Mangonui School to talk about what to do in an emergency.

First we looked at some pictures and talked about how the fire service, police and ambulance can help people.

Then we pretended that we were hurt and learnt how to put someone in the right position to be safe while we waited for help.

Lastly we used pretend phones to practise calling 111 to ask for help.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Our Trip to Butler Point

First we had our morning tea under the oldest Pohutukawa tree in New Zealand!

After that we walked down the trail to the flagpole and saw where Captain Butler had his shop.

From here we could look across to Mangonui.  We could see the church, the wharf, our school, the fish and chip shop and lots of boats.  

After that we went down to the museum and Captain Butler's House.  We saw a boat, whale bones, old guns and harpoons and pictures of whaling from the olden days.  It was very interesting.

Our final activity was walking up to the pa site.  We had seen a model of the pa in the museum.   There was another huge old tree up at the pa site that we all wanted to climb up!

Before we got back on the bus we saw where Captain Butler and some of his family are buried.

We had a wonderful day!  We hope we can visit again one day.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Camp 2018

Thank you to all our wonderful class whanau who made our camp so successful and memorable for the tamariki.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Swimming Sports

Yesterday Pukeko, Nga Ringa, Tuatara and us (Taonga) had swimming sports in our school pool.

First we got into the pool safely, then we hopped across the pool like kangaroos.

We had to swim across the pool and even do some lengths!

We did dolphin diving, we put our heads underwater and even pushed balls around the pool.

We used boards to help us with our freestyle arms.

We blew bubbles under the water.

We had to dive under the water to find diving rings.

We floated on our tummies and our backs like starfish.

Some of our whanau came to watch us.

We liked swimming sports because it was fun!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Octopus

The octopus is as sneaky as a mouse.
The octopus slid into the cage and ate the crabs one by one.
All that was left in the cage was crab shells.

By Leah

Friday, 20 October 2017

Term 4 Week 1

The Duffy theater was cool.  It was funny when Duffy danced.  I LOL.  It was so, so cool.  It was funny when we got wet.
By Tohe

Dragons have sharp teeth and breathe out smoke.  They live in dark caves.  Dragons eat people.  I like dragons.
Image result for dragon clip artBy Shiloh

Dragons have sharp teeth.  Dragons are dangerous.  Dragons have red eyes.  Dragons fly in the sky.  Dragons are creepy when they breathe fire out of their mouths.  Dragons have feelings like mad, sad or bored.  Dragons live in caves.
Image result for dragon clip artBy Anthony

On a cliff there was a dark cave and there was a dragon in the cave.  He liked to breathe fire out of his mouth.  He has sharp teeth and he has colourful wings.By Whetu

Image result for dragon clip art
The dragon flies in the air.  The dragon looks cool flying in the air.  He has sharp teeth so that he can eat his food.  The dragon stole the princess.  Taonga class saved the princess.  The dragon loves to play with me and he breathes out fire.  I love the dragon and he loves me too.  His name is Tyrell.
Image result for dragon clip artBy Summer

The dragon was sleeping in the dark cave.  When she woke up she flew up in to the clouds.  "More dragons!" she shouted.  She flew away as fast as she could.  She got home and forgot about it.  In the morning she met the other dragons and asked them if they were looking for a friend.  They said "yes", they all flew into the wild forest and lived together.
Image result for dragon clip artBy Leah